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“i’m driven by the energy of new york city, the everyday and the
juxtaposition of grit and grandiose beauty”

-eva zuckerman

designer and artist eva zuckerman was born and raised in the west village of new york city and was immersed in its unique and iconic signatures.  eva and her business partner, ann gorga, have brought to life the eva fehren collection of fine jewelry.

eva draws inspiration from the city’s geometric urban patterns and architectural elements, like the chrysler building, the crisscrossing of power lines and the intricate patterns of cracked sidewalks.

the eva fehren design aesthetic allows women to build looks that are personally relevant and unique to them.

known for exacting craftsmanship and exceptional wearability, each piece in the eva fehren line is handcrafted using 18k gold paired with only the finest precious materials such as custom-cut geometric white diamonds, grey diamonds and opaque sapphires.