Collaborations | Eva Fehren Fine Jewelry | New York City
Eva Fehren X Tumi Duffel

Collaborations: Heading

eva fehren tumi duffel

natural grain leather,
black and white leather paint and dye

Eva Fehren X J.Crew Foreva Tee

foreva tee

eva fehren jcrew

screenprinted linen

Eva Fehren X J.Crew Shorty & Stacking Rings

shorty and stacking rings

eva fehren jcrew

10k rose gold plated brass and rubber

Eva Fehren X Temptu Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos

eva fehren temptu

inspired by eva’s original drawings

Eva Fehren X Hilary Clinton 'Made For History' Tee

made for history tee

eva fehren hillary clinton

100% cotton with gold foil imprint

Eva Fehren X CVFF Maybelline Design Challenge Jewelry

maybelline design challenge jewelry

eva fehren cvff

sterling silver, 18k gold, alexandrite,
and sapphire pave

Eva Fehren X NFL Bespoke Football for Superbowl 50

bespoke football for superbowl 50

eva fehren the nfl

gold leafed and hand painted leather football with swarovski crystals and sterling silver

Eva Fehren X Swarovski Cinderblock Geode

cinderblock geode

eva fehren swarovski

concrete and swarovski crystals