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X Ring Collection by Eva Fehren

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'X Collection' Handwritten

create the perfect lineup by stacking and layering your x’s


Eva Fehren X CVFF Maybelline Design Challenge Jewelry


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we play well with others…check out some of our recent collaborations!

The Eva Fehren Studio

eva fehren studio

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welcome to our world…learn a little bit more about who we are and what we do.

The Cloud Scarf by Eva Fehren

the cloud scarf

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scarves, objects, home accessories and more.

Eva Fehren Guest Curator, Ryan Roche

Guest Curator

'Ryan Roche' Handwritten

meet one of our favorite people and find out about how she wears her favorite eva fehren pieces.

XXI Women Campaign


'XXI Women' Handwritten

“xxi women is a portrait series of twenty-one women who i find uniquely powerful in their own right.” – eva