11 Collaborations | Eva Fehren Fine Jewelry | New York City

Eva Fehren x Holly Hunt

We’ve partnered with Holly Hunt to incorporate our signature silhouettes into the home. Through this expansion of our minimalist aesthetic, we have created home decor pieces that will transform any environment. 

The travel edition

eva fehren Tumi

featuring eva’s one-of-a-kind artwork printed on matte black leather and cotton canvas.

Eva Fehren X J.Crew Foreva Tee

foreva tee

eva fehren jcrew

screenprinted linen

CFDA vogue fashion fund American in Paris

eva fehren tumi

black and white leather, hand painted and dyed.

Eva Fehren X J.Crew Shorty & Stacking Rings

shorty and stacking rings

eva fehren jcrew

10k rose gold plated brass and rubber

Eva Fehren X Temptu Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos

eva fehren temptu

inspired by eva’s original drawings

Eva Fehren X Hilary Clinton 'Made For History' Tee

made for history tee

eva fehren hillary clinton

100% cotton with gold foil imprint

Eva Fehren X CVFF Maybelline Design Challenge Jewelry

maybelline design challenge jewelry

eva fehren cvff

sterling silver, 18k gold, alexandrite,
and sapphire pave

Eva Fehren X NFL Bespoke Football for Superbowl 50

bespoke football for superbowl 50

eva fehren the nfl

gold leafed and hand painted leather football with swarovski crystals and sterling silver

Eva Fehren X Swarovski Cinderblock Geode

cinderblock geode

eva fehren swarovski

concrete and swarovski crystals