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Interior Designer, Visual + Culinary Storyteller, Entertaining Expert, and Author of “COOK BEAUTIFUL”.

READ ABOUT Athena’s favorite PIECES, her new book cook beautiful and where she draws her inspiration.

As far as jewelry goes, I pretty much wear Eva Fehren exclusively. There is the double “X” ring my hubby bought me for my birthday five years ago. I also had my engagement ring reset by Eva Fehren last year, which breathed some new and sparkly light into a piece I first received 19 years ago! And, when my classic diamond studs were sadly stolen, I replaced them with Eva Fehren Ezzat earrings. I have a trifecta of Eva Fehren on my body at all times.

The double “x” ring. Victor went and picked it out together with Eva, and I had never seen it before. Correct me if I am wrong – but am I the first owner of the XX?

I think I’d have to go with the engagement ring because it holds beautiful significance in my heart and came at a turning point in my life. It signified a rebirth of sorts, and it never comes off my finger!

Jewelry is far more personal and stays with you for years and years. Clothing is more transient.

Perhaps I might double and stack up at night. Eva’s jewels can always carry me through from day to night.

I am swooning over the dagger studs – always have, always will!

Cook Beautiful encompasses all of my various lifestyle pursuits – food, design, art, music, and entertaining. It is organized by season, as my cooking style relies on Mother Earth and the bounty she delivers us month to month. But while seasonal ingredients inspire my recipes, seasonality also impacts my life, and all of our lives, well beyond just dictating our produce. The way I live and eat all comes back to the season in my world, and I express this transition visually in Cook Beautiful.

My style icon is audrey hepburn, with a touch of jane birkin.

My eye and my style inform everything I do. I have always been a highly visual person. Fashion, food, and design are always working in tandem for me and I approach each exactly the same way. I create layers, add texture, and incorporate opposing, juxtaposed elements that shock the palate or the eye. I integrate something that might feel slightly off, as this is precisely what causes curiosity and intrigue

nature. From the horizon at sunset. From the sea. From the textures Mother Nature provides. From art.

I met Eva in Montauk through artist Deborah Watson and immediately fell in love with both her spirit and her insane talent.