11 Deborah Watson | Eva Fehren

Guest Curator

Original Eva Fehren muse, mother, stylist,
editor and so much more…

read about deborah’s essential eva fehren pieces, what’s on her wishlist, what inspires her impeccable style, and why she thinks jewelry is more important than clothing.

Eva Fehren Diamond X Ring

the x ring. i believe i was actually the very first to order one, so you might even say i can predict the future.

i wear all rose gold for everyday. i wear the tiny huggies in all 5 of my piercings, my eternity band on my middle finger, and my tennis bracelet. i never take these pieces off. i like jewelry i can sleep in.

the rose gold queen ring and stack is insanely beautiful in person. like mesmerizingly so.

“the natural empowerment that a diamond gives a woman is beyond anything clothing can do. I have witnessed many women I have dressed for shoots and events over the years “love” a dress or a look I put them in, but when you bust out the diamonds it’s next level. It doesn’t matter who it is…, even Beyoncé gets excited when the diamonds come out.”

the street. always the street, and by that I mean the actual street – not “streetstyle” fashion people entering a fashion show. i am inspired by real people who are dressing for themselves, not the cameras.

the grey diamond choker. need i say more?

leaving it all, and adding a lot more.

eva was my next door neighbor in williamsburg 15 years ago. back then, it felt like we were the only people living there, so we became fast friends, and i have supported her ideas and brand from day one. actually, I suppose it was technically before day one :).