11 Mariam Ezzat | Eva Fehren

Guest Curator

artist, teacher

READ ABOUT Mariam’s favorite PIECES, what’s on her wish list and where she draws her inspiration.

my gold X ring next to a ring my mother gave me, they both feel lucky. I’ve turned the car around in the morning to get them.

different everyday, but essentially anyone who is doing a good job at being themselves.

My yellow gold X ring. I was so thrilled to have a piece of Eva’s jewelry. I felt infinitely cooler all of a sudden

the Ezzat ring, which is sublime. When the Ezzat collection was introduced I fell over.

fleeting moments of sickening personal confidence.

I am inspired by the cycles of love and loss. They are truly universal and reveal beauty in the most unexpected ways.

The line choker and bracelet are absolute perfection.

If jewelry isn’t art, they definitely hang out enough to look like each other sometimes. And jewelry is obviously in a long-term and committed relationship with fashion.

all over, anything really. But when you know you know. When something speaks to you and asks you to question or glorify it’s or your own existence, you know. When I work, my aim is to walk with that sense of knowing until a piece has been fully resolved.

during an art residency in Northern Vermont. I met Eva there shortly before she started Eva Fehren. She was actually designing the X ring at the time. She was so bright, energetic, and passionate, such a breath of fresh air.