Guest Curator


In honor of her birthday, we wanted to feature Eva’s sister, Nina Fehren, as this month’s guest curator. Read about Nina’s favorite pieces,
her style icon and what’s on her birthday wishlist…

Eva Fehren Diamond X Ring
'My first Eva Fehren piece was...'

A rose gold X ring. I was so excited to own a piece of my sister’s jewelry. So proud of her.

'My Eva Fehren Uniform Is...' Handwritten

custom rose gold bar studs, a pavé apex necklace and a wrap claw. I never take these pieces off. They look great with everything and make me feel put together.

'I take my jewelry look from day to night by...' Handwritten

adding more. My daytime look is pretty minimal, but at night I like a little more bling.

I’m dreaming of a rose gold tennis bracelet. Eva let me borrow her’s and I fell madly in love. I didn’t want to give it back.

Jewelry elevates an outfit. Throw on some diamonds with a t-shirt and jeans and it suddenly becomes something special.

The x ring in all of it’s variations. it’s such a perfect, modern design. A true classic.

'I draw my style inspiration from...' Handwritten

LA, where I live. And NY, where I’m from.

My sister. She makes everything look cool.

'I came to know Eva Fehren...' Handwritten

On August 28, 1983, the day she was born. I told my mom that if she had a boy, we’d have to send him back. I’m so happy we got to keep Eva.