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Now that you’ve found the one, let us help you discover the perfect diamond and design a ring that will help celebrate this special milestone for years to come.

There are many factors to consider when picking the perfect stone for your engagement ring. Typically we start by discussing your overall budget, and then we start to touch on the shape of diamonds and what cut resonates with you most. Some couples know exactly what they want, but with others it’s a learning process. We look to inform and educate as the process evolves, and try to present a variety of diamond shapes and colors.

…or carat weight. There is a lot of talk about the “Four C’s” when selecting a diamond. If you’re attracted to a flawless white diamond, these elements are important factors to consider and we work with each client to assess which stones measure up to our expert standards. While quality is imperative, we prioritize design above all else. We strive to create engagement rings that reflect your unique point of view and style wether that means using a geometric, rose cut, champagne, grey or white diamond.

Once you have narrowed down the direction of the ring and stone shape, we can begin to explore different designs and settings that feel special and unique. We work very closely with our clients to craft the perfect ring that feels modern, refined, and effortlessly “you”. The process is very personal and catered to each couple. The choice is up to you…